Top 9 Kiting Definitions


In this article we are going to explain the most popular definitions in kiting, which are essential to learn for any kiter. 1. Leading Edge Take a look at the picture, there we have marked the leading edge in red. The leading edge or front tube is the leading edge of the kite. The air-filled … Read more

Stall Definition in Kiting

A kite flies in the air because the profile of the kite, like the wing of an airplane, creates different fast air currents above and below the kite, which pull the kite upwards. If this current breaks off, or if the force of this current becomes so small that it can no longer act against … Read more

Steering Lines Definition in Kiting

The steering lines are also called backlines or depowerlines. The steering lines are attached to the right and left, to the respective attachment point of the front tube or to the bridle lines. They converge in one line, usually in front of the adjuster. The kiter is connected to the front lines via the chicken … Read more

Bar Definition in Kiting

A kite bar is built to control your kite. When we talk about a bar, we often talk about the bar + all lines together. These bars can withstand immense forces and are designed to transfer all the power from your kite to the rider. The bar used for kitesurfing consists of a steering bar, … Read more

Bladder Definition in Kiting

Bladders are thin rubber tubes that are inflated into the struts and leading edge of a kite, giving the kite its aerodynamically stable shape. The bladders are pre-formed and the solid material of the kite gives a stable overall shape when the bladders are inflated with the correct pressure. Bladders are the most frequently needed … Read more

Adjuster Definition in Kiting

The adjuster connects frontlines and chicken loop. By adjusting the adjuster the kitesurfer changes the length ratio of front- and backlines. This changes the angle of attack to the wind and thus the power (pull) of the kite. For most kite manufacturers the adjuster is the center of the depower system and is therefore an … Read more