Brand Information


The Brunotti Kiteboard and directional surfboards were designed by Jinne Sietsma with passion and years of experience in the Netherlands. World class kitesurfers like Youri Zoon rely on the quality and performance of Brunotti Kiteboards every day. The Twintips and Directional Kiteboards are of very high quality. Brunotti has a wide range of Twintip and Directional Kiteboards that are suitable for the waves. For every level and every kitesurfing style. On this page you will find an overview of Brunotti Kiteboards.

Brunotti Kiteboards are cut with a high-tech CNC machine with the highest precision. The CNC machine transfers the characteristics into the board exactly the way you want it. The result is a light board that is just as thick as you expect from your kiteboard. The flex gives the kiteboards a pleasant character.

For even better performance the Active Backbone has been added to some boards. The Active Backbone extends along the entire length of the board and provides additional stiffness and strength when needed. The backbone gradually distributes all the forces of the inserts over the entire kite board to provide additional control and comfort.