Brand Information


Naish is probably one of the most famous surf brands worldwide. The company was founded in 1979 by Robby Naish in Hawaii. Like no other, the windsurfing and kitesurfing world champion stands for the embodiment of various surf sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, foiling and stand up paddling. The Naish brand sells excellent and innovative equipment in these areas with super performance and great design. The company started as a windsurfing brand, but quickly expanded its portfolio with kite equipment. Today the brand can rightfully call itself one of the biggest in the kitesurfing sky.

Stand Up Paddling was added to the portfolio and since 2017 the company also produces foils - of course with super high quality. Whether freestyle, freeride, wakestyle, stand up paddling or foiling, Naish offers you the right model for your riding style. The company always uses the latest technology to innovate high quality products. The passion for water sports is reflected in the development of these products.

In the 90's, kitesurfing developed on the Hawaiian Islands. Robby Naish was immediately hooked. The new possibility of riding over the water was fascinating. He focused on kitesurfing equipment with the Naish brand and was one of the lucky winners. Kiting hit like a bomb! In 1999 Naish Kites was able to sell the first inflatable kite. From 2000 onwards, Naish was able to present its popularity in Germany and other parts of Europe and the sport of kitesurfing was made popular. Robby Naish brought kitesurfing as a person to Germany and established the sport! From 2002 onwards sales increased continuously and the sport changed and became an established popular sport.