Kite Glossary: Quick Release

The Kiters Inn Wiki answers all questions about the kite sport. Especially beginners should find it easier to get started with kiting. If you miss some term, please feel free to get in touch with us. We always like to update our kite wiki.

The quick release is a very important part of the safety system when kiting and is located directly at the bar.
There are different versions, which work differently depending on the manufacturer. Before kiting, the Quick-Release system should be tested, cleaned from dirt and checked for proper function. It should be easy to release and free from dirt and sand. In an emergency situation the Quick-Release can be activated to release the kite from the harness hook. In this case the pulling force should decrease and the kite should fall from the sky. After releasing the Quick-Release, the kite is only connected to the kiter with the safety leash. When buying a kite, great importance should be attached to an easy to release safty. It is also important that the kite blows out completely, i.e. the remaining pull after releasing should be as minimal as possible.

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