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We took a Look at SurfStraw - The worlds first waterbottle for wetsuits

April 26, 2021

A drinking bottle for the wetsuit - how is that supposed to work? That was our first reaction when we heard about the SurfStraw. Of course, we had to take a closer look and ordered a sample package. In this blog post we present our experiences with the SurfStraw and one thing we can say up front: "Why didn't anyone come up with this idea before?".

First of all, a few words about the history of SurfStraw development. The inventors Han Bae and Jesse Nebres are surfers themselves and produced the SurfStraw with the help of a Kickstarter campaign in 2020. Today, the SurfStraw can be ordered via its own website

The package reached us after a few days. Two connectors are included with every SurfStraw. As can be seen on the image, a short connector for direct connection to the water tank.The second connector is longer and covered with neoprene, also there is a kind of switch at the output to stop the water supply. For both connections, the matching protective cap is also included. Water is dispensed in the same way as with a classic straw or drinking bottle. The water tank is made of a flexible rubber-like material. In addition, there is a tab to hang the SurfStraw can, for example, to dry. The water tank has a volume of 300 ml or 10 fl oz.

The production of the SurfStraw is environmentally conscious. It is made with recyclable materials and the material doesn't shed micro-plastics into oceans and waterways. In addition for every purchase, they donate $1 to Plasticbank, aiding the recovery of plastic from oceans and waterways.

But how exactly does the SurfStraw work now? Before your (kite) session, you fill SurfStraw with water or another liquid. Afterwards you push the KiteStraw into your wetsuit - which works best with wetsuits that have a zipper on the chest. Let the connector stick out a bit so that it can be reached with your mouth. So you can drink a sip during your session again and again.

As a final assessment, we would like to say that the SurfStraw could completely convince us. The workmanship is high quality and leaves nothing to be desired. We were a bit skeptical at first whether the water would not get a plastic taste. However, after rinsing once, there is nothing to notice. The attachment in the wetsuit is easy and comfortable, while driving you barely notice the attached SurfStraw. Should the SurfStraw then actually fall out of the wetsuit, the chance of finding it again is quite good, because it floats.
We were surprised what positive consequences the liquid supply has. Not only can you stay longer on the water, but your concentration is increased, so you can get the last percent out in every session. All in all, really a very useful product with great potential, which we gladly recommend!

Have we caught your interest? In the following you will find a button directly to the website of the SurfStraw, there you will find more information and can order directly.

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2 years ago

What a nice gadget, is an ordering to australia possible?

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