Kite Glossary: Chickenloop

The Kiters Inn Wiki answers all questions about the kite sport. Especially beginners should find it easier to get started with kiting. If you miss some term, please feel free to get in touch with us. We always like to update our kite wiki.

The Chickenloop is a flexible ring that is located at the bar. It is hooked into the harness hook and is used to connect the kite to the kiter via the bar. This means that the power of the kite no longer acts on the kitesurfer's arms, but on his body. Advanced kiters, who often use unhooked kites, sometimes use a particularly large chicken loop. This has the advantage that it can be hooked back in quickly and easily after a jump, for example. The Chickenloop is additionally secured by the Chickenstick and prevents the Chickenloop from accidentally coming off the harness hook.

The Chickenstick, also called Chickendick, is a fabric or plastic coated pen that is part of the bar and is located directly on the Chickenloop. It is used to prevent the Chickenloop from accidentally coming off the trapeze hook. To do this, the stick is passed through the trapeze hook and in front of the Chickenloop.

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