Cabrinha Drifter 2024 Freeride Kite Review

Mode Drifter by Cabrinha
Year 2019
Shape Hybrid-Kite
Riding Type Freeride, Surf
Riding Skill Beginner – Intermediate
Available Sizes 13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4 m²


It was developed in the waves of Hawaii, but also scores in disorderly North Sea swell: The Drifter is a project of passion, a project in which world-class waveriders like Keahi de Aboitiz are involved. And yet, it is not a narrow-minded specialist who pursues its mission in a single-minded way.

The Drifter can do more, and he has proven that several times. With only minimal changes, the Hawaiians are therefore sending the kite into the 2019 season and continue to rely on the proven technical details such as the special Tenacity-Dacron cloth, the Pure Profile Panels, which are found in the middle section of the kite and ensure optimized flow behavior.

Furthermore, details such as the skeletal frame structure and the onshore/offshore setting have been retained. With this trim option for the bridle on the front tube, the character of the kite can be significantly modified. While in offshore mode it moves further to the edge of the wind window, facilitating cutbacks in side and offshore conditions, in onshore mode it sits deeper in the wind window, allowing for better drift characteristics.

Additional trimming options are provided by the two attachment points for the steering lines on the tips. In 2019, the range of bar systems will be versatile. You can choose between three different models, optional width adjustability and two types of adjusters. In addition, each model is available with Cabrinha’s proprietary Fireball or a conventional Chickenloop.

Further Information about the Cabrinha Drifter

With its strong performance in the lower wind range, the Drifter has a real unique selling point in the segment of wave specialists. Even cruisers with the desire for an agile kite can flirt with this kite, which puts the Drifter almost in competition with sport-oriented freeriders.

The strong low end is underlined by excellent upwind performance and an absolutely stable stance in the wind window, even in gusty conditions. This also proves to be beneficial when riding a wave without pulling the parachute. Even if the line tension is significantly reduced and the drifter is depowered, it shows a distinct tendency to float along without pull.

With the effectively working depower it can be flown well controllable far into the upper wind range. The three-cutter responds absolutely directly to control commands and performs its round turns in medium to tight radii. The power management is absolutely easy. Even when flying straplessly, comfort is not compromised as no progressive power peaks are emitted.

The holding and steering forces are in the middle range and the feedback of the glider at the bar is very differentiated. Also when jumping the wave specialist does not have to hide, which underlines the suitability for Strapless-Freestyler.

Lift and hangtime are above average for this genre. In the absolute high end the carrying capacity even reaches peak values. At the lowest wind limit the kite has to be tilted slightly backwards, otherwise it simply launches out of the water by pulling on a steering line.

Conclusion on the Cabrinha Drifter

Incredibly tangy, defined and with its usual powerful character, Cabrinha lets the drifter off the leash. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro with a penchant for strapless freestyle tricks, the Drifter has the right performance spectrum for every level of ability. Due to its also distinct freeride suitability it is already much more of a sporty all-rounder than a pure niche kite.

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