Brand Information


Ozone kitesurfing has its origin in paragliders. From the paragliders it was a small step to the production of kites. Ozone started out producing only foil kites, but today there is a wide range of inflatable Leading Egde kites available, including the Ozone C4, Reo, and the legendary race and hangtime monster Ozone Edge. All Ozone Kiteboarding kites are manufactured at the Ozone factory in Vietnam.

Ozone is a leader in the manufacture and development of kites, paragliders, para-motors, speedwings, snow kites, and more recently, wingsuits. Because of the development of so many different types of kites, Ozone has an unparalleled level of knowledge and technology in kites. And this is reflected in the quality that Ozone can produce. Ozone not only makes products for external consumers and kitesurfers, but especially products that they, as kitesurfers and extreme athletes, consider reliable and of decent quality. The development of Ozone kites is the result of a passion that the entire Ozone team is dedicated to. It is Ozone Kiteboarding's mission to take the sport of kitesurfing to the next level with each new kite that Ozone creates through technical innovation and intensive R & D. At Ozone, the product is the center of attention.

Ozone Kiteboarding's research and development team is made up of people who are more than just designers. They are kitesurfers themselves, and just like you, they love nothing more than being on the water with the best kitesurfing equipment. This unique combination of experience and connection to design ensures that Ozone can transmit the perfection of Ozone kites. It goes so far that Ozone Kiteboarding talks about the "Ozone Feeling". The feeling of flying an Ozone kite or Ozone board is indescribable.

Ozone was founded as a paragliding brand in 1999 by a group of paragliders named Rob, Mike, and David. Ozone's first kite design was a 4-line foil stunt kite designed to glide fast and with plenty of power, the Ozone LD Stunt Kite. By this time, one of Ozone's founders, Rob, was already interested in kitesurfing and recognized the potential growth opportunities of the sport. Before Ozone really focused on kitesurfing, they decided to conquer the snowkitesurfing market with the high-end foil kites. This was successful, and soon Ozone realized that they needed their own factory to produce all of Ozone's kites to the highest quality. In 2001, Ozone opened its own factory in Vietnam, where kites, including paragliders and kites, are still manufactured today. An added advantage of producing in your own factory, which is completely under your control, is that they are not tied to production cycles of 4 to 6 months, but that Ozone's own improved kites only need to be produced when Ozone is completely satisfied. Over time, Ozone also began producing kites with an inflatable Leading Edg. Some examples are Ozone Egde, Catalyst, C4 and Reo. All for a specific kitesurfing destination.

One of the components of the Ozone brand of which they are particularly proud is the research and development department. All kites, but also paragliders, in short, everything Ozone makes is designed by experienced riders and instructors. And this has not been without results. Take Andy Yates, for example, who became world champion kitesurfering in 2010 with the Ozone C4, and who is still involved in the development of kites and boards. Ozone is the largest in the racing world of kitesurfing, in addition to winning the Freestyle World Championship. This is because Ozone manages to develop kites that are extremely effective and stable. Within this racing segment, Ozone is always on the starting line with various inflatable kites such as the Ozone Egde, but also with foil kites such as the Ozone Chrono and R1. And after several victories in the racing segment in both Twintip and Hydrfoil with Ozone kites, this is certainly not without success.