Cabrinha Xcaliber wood 2024 Kiteboard Review

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Cabrinha is sending the Freestyler XCaliber in two different versions into the 2019 season. For kiters who spend a lot of time at spots with choppy conditions and want a higher level of damping, the Hawaiians recommend the Wood version tested here.

Those who primarily ride on flat water and want a suspension that is tuned as tight as possible choose the noble cuts in the carbon dress. In order to prepare the board for the hardest strains, the inserts are additionally reinforced, which at the same time creates the conditions for the use of boots. Not quite as sharp as Excalibur, but just as resistant are the ABS rails of the XCaliber.

This is a highly durable material that is cast all around the rod glued Paulownia wood core. The shape remains unchanged in 2019. The underbody features a discreet double concave, which merges into wide channels at the tips. Optimum grip is ensured by the proven 40-millimeter fins, whose surface is reminiscent of that of a golf ball. This structured surface reduces water resistance and gives the board an extra touch of lightness.

Cabrinha hits the nail on the head with the name “All Around Performance Freestyle”.

Facts about the Cabrinha Xcaliber wood 2019

Cabrinha will wake the multiple athlete up and start gliding at full pull with just a little kite pull. A very specific detail has a great influence on this behavior, namely the so-called Fast-Rocker. This constant ground curve lives up to its name and makes the XCaliber a true sprinter. When you start, the board starts moving – as is typical for sophisticated freeriders – and reaches a high maximum speed that is easy to control.

The ride comfort is pleasant due to the moderately tuned suspension and invites to relaxed cruising. In choppy conditions, the ride remains really smooth, especially in connection with boats. The guidance of the 40-millimeter fins offers enough grip for fast turns and to bring the board rapidly to the edge. Even tight turns at high speed are not denied. However, boots are almost mandatory here.

In combination with pads and loops, the XCaliber Wood goes much faster into drift in turns. If the board is to be prepared for the jump, a slightly progressive ankant is enough for a respectable pop. This allows even riders with less experience to successfully complete the first high flights with the XCaliber Wood. If you are looking for the maximum popp possible, you should turn to the carbon version. For fast landings there is no doubt about the alignment of these cuts.

The combination of 40-millimeter fins and a moderately curved bottom curve offers an ingenious combination of control and a loose character, so that the board neither cuts nor smears away uncontrollably. This meets the demands of advanced freestylers as well as sporty ambitious freeriders.


Conclusion – Cabrinha Xcaliber wood 2019 test

Cabrinha hits the nail on the head with the name “All Around Performance Freestyle”. The XCaliber Wood offers enormously strong freeride performances, but at the same time has also been implanted with extremely attractive freestyle genes. Due to the rather loose character, a certain riding ability should be brought along, which is why beginners are not part of the target group. On the other hand, if you have good board control, you will get a mixture that combines the best of both worlds.

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