Duotone Team Series 2024

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Year 2019
Riding Type
Available sizes
134 x 41
138 x 42
142 x 43

The name already suggests that an appealing portion of sporty performance is hidden in this hull, and this appearance is not deceptive. Not without reason is the Team Series the first choice for freestyle matador Stefan Spiessberger. Riders like him have played a decisive role in making these cuts into what it is today, namely a high-performance freestyler of the highest quality.

With the focus on competition use, a hard flex is used here and with the so-called Premium Performance Construction, a laminate construction that stands for the best pop results. The secret behind this high-performance hull is the biax-carbon construction, which ensures low weight and excellent resilience.

It also prevents negative flexing of the board during hard landings, which increases control enormously. Distinctive channels in the underwater hull and ultra hard fins provide the necessary guidance up to explosive take-offs.

With a broadly diversified overall performance, the Team Series again pushes itself to one of the top places in this genre.


Duotone Team Series 2019 – Performance

With at least a medium kite pull the TS can be brought to life. It takes a more leisurely ride than a board from the freeride sector. In free glide position the competitive athlete is absolutely biting right from the start and really craves for maneuvers. It is difficult to move the board with a normal riding style and not to unhook it during a simple upwind run to warm up the body.

Although it is a representative that clearly wants to get into the air, it shows quite strong upwind performance. An aspect that is of course also very relevant in competition, in order to quickly find a comfortable position for the next maneuver in the scoring zone after a trick.

Agility is ensured by the successful interaction of the ground curve and the small 35-millimeter carbon fins. No great effort is required to turn the TS freely or to release it from the water, the effervescence is, so to speak, part of the standard equipment.

Despite the tightly held board center, the hull can be comfortably chased through choppy water at top speed, with the flex tips doing an excellent job quietly. Annoying hitting or loss of control are foreign words for the high performer, whereby control with boots is even easier than with loops. For the perfect adrenaline rush, the jumping performance of this board is guaranteed.

If the edge is pressed into the water and the line tension is brought to the maximum, the pop is so sensational that you first have to get used to this performance explosion. But even if the surprise is so intense at the first take-offs that concentration suffers, there is no need to worry. Even slightly unsuccessful landings can still be easily corrected here without immediately causing the fuselage to blow.



With a broadly diversified overall performance, the Team Series is once again pushing itself to one of the top places in this genre. It does almost everything and always cuts an excellent figure. With good technique and a little experience, the hull can produce a jumping performance that is in the absolute top class. You don’t necessarily have to be a freestyle pro to experience the enthusiasm that these cuts bring, even if the performance spectrum of the board is at this level.

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