Cabrinha Contra 2024 Kite Review

Contra by 
Year 2019
Riding Type
Freeride, Surf
Riding Skill
Beginner – Intermediate
Available sizes


In 2019, Cabrinha is putting everything on one card in the light wind segment and is presenting the powerful contra in four sizes. There is no fundamental change in alignment – precise agility thanks to the three-strut construction and a sporty flight pattern reminiscent of much smaller kites. The proven Pure Profile Panels ensure the strong character and profile fidelity.

To achieve this, the cloth segments in the flow-relevant part of the kite are cut in half lengthwise to the leading edge, which enables an absolutely defined and round profile. Cabrinha ensures durability with a very low stretch and extremely durable 2DR cloth.

In addition, the contra is partially reinforced with the so-called High Tenacity Dacron in areas subject to heavy use. This Dacron fabric was developed especially for use with inflatable kite structures and is characterized by extremely low stretch threads.


The flight behaviour of the Cabrinha Contra

Due to the intensely arrowed front tube and the low cut middle section, the contra is placed a little deeper in the wind window and delivers a respectable basic draft already in the absolute light wind range. In order to be able to effectively convert this into height, however, the targeted use of the board edge is required. This is the only way to push the paraglider relatively far to the edge of the wind window.

If the course is upwind, the contra can be flown in a parked position and does not require any corrections or special attention from the rider. The enormously defined feedback of the kite about its actions also contributes to this. A collapsing profile is as foreign to the contra as bitchy power impulses. Even in strongly fluctuating wind conditions the kite keeps its profile and can be directed agile through the wind window for this kite size. Sinus curves or down loops can be performed without excessive effort. The steering forces as well as the holding forces are in the middle range.

All in all, the contra is quite forgiving in this way. Also the airspeed, which is in the lower midfield, does not lead to excessive demands. Accordingly, turns in medium radii can be mastered in a controlled manner. For a model of this size, the glider is remarkably dynamic and inspires with its round turning behaviour. Due to the slow airspeed and the slight lateral forces, a bit of sensitivity is required for the jump. If the take-off is well hit, the linear and powerful lift will carry you from the middle of the wind range to a good height.

The hangtime is even more pronounced and allows long flight phases. The water start is easy and can be done by everyone by pulling on a steering line. With rising wind the holding forces increase slightly. The Cabrinha Contra is also harmonious in the high end and can be flown in a controlled manner for a long time.



The Cabrinha Contra’s balanced and defined flight characteristics make it equally suitable for cruising and solid freestyle in light winds. Thus the glider appeals to a wide range of pilots and can be recommended even to beginners due to its flawless relaunch. There is no doubt that with this kite the number of effective kite days per year can be noticeably increased.

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