Liquid Force Kites stops business operations

The kite industry as well as the scene records a big loss: Liquid Force discontinues the kite division.

The news came as a surprise: With yesterday’s letter to their customers, Kent Watersports CEO John Archer and Sr. VP/GM Don Wallace briefly and concisely announced the end of Liquid Force Kites. In about 60 days the end will be announced. The US managers did not go into the reasons behind the decision. Instead, they thanked the entire team for their commitment, which had done a great job during the Corona crisis.

However, the Liquid Force brand will not disappear. The wakeboard business will remain an important pillar in the water sports industry. In addition, Liquid Force recently acquired the Freedom Foil Boards brand, a surf/foil brand from Southern California, which will operate together with Liquid Force Wake from Carlsbad, California.

The Motion Watersports Office Denmark, up to now responsible for European sales, will be open until August 30th in order to maintain customer service and warranty processing until then. After that the headquarters in Carlsbad will take over and will be the contact for all inquiries regarding Liquid Force Kite. The brand declares that although no new stocks are to be built up. However, the company wants to process complaints and repairs “in a reasonable time”.

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