Ozone Edge V10 2024 Freeride Kite Review

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The Edge is a true specialist. With a medium sail camber, it delivers rich freeride and bigair experiences, while having all the speed and performance needed to win a world championship or Olympic course race title. The Edge, as the name suggests, has proven itself over many years as the spearhead of tubekites in the performance range.

For years the Ozone Edge has been one of the kites that jumps higher than most other kites and brings the most hangtime. Many personal WOO records are based on the Ozone Edge.

The Edge was already an extremely good kite, but has been further developed and refined in some areas. The Ozone Edge V10 has received several upgrades and is the best Edge ever!

The Ozone Edge V10 on the water

The 10th generation of the Edge marks the milestone of an era. That’s why Ozone has made a number of good advancements in this model. The V10 is much more stable in the air. Ozone has achieved this by carefully adjusting the panel layout and wingtips.

The cloth has also been made more robust for better performance in gusty conditions. A side effect of these adjustments is that the Ozone Edge V10 is a kite that steers faster than its predecessors. In addition, the bar feel is slightly “softer” so you can hit the perfect moment to jump off.

Apart from these adjustments, of course, some things have remained the same. For example, the Edge V10 still has an open profile with five struts. Because of this profile the Edge V10 is very effective in upwind running and has a very good depower.

The bridle line system is direct, which means no pulleys were used. This makes the Edge V10 very direct. The cloth is made of strong Teijin Techno Force D2 Ripstop. All this is characteristic for a kite of real top quality.

The handling response time has been improved, it rides faster through turns, making it easier to send them big and maximizing satisfaction in your freeride sessions. The handlebar feel is softer and more progressive on the rear lines as the kite changes through the angle of attack range, which helps to control your jumps perfectly when launching.


If you like to go fast, pull in one big air at a time and reach jumping heights that are normally reserved for the gods, then the Edge is your kite. Even if you see it being used to clear podiums or to fly other kiters at breathtaking heights, don’t worry – the Edge is super user-friendly and can be flown by Jerdermann.

It is an easy to call up performance that the Edge brings with it as a turbo-charged freeride kite. It’s an explosive adrenaline machine that makes you wallow in thought after every session.

  • Freeride machine that pumps adrenaline through the veins
  • Massive Lift and Hangtime
  • Ideal for full throttle runs
  • Most powerful Race-Tubekite

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