RRD Roberto Ricci Designs

Brand Information


The brand RRD - Roberto Ricci Designs is part of the Pryde Group, which specializes in the equipment and manufacture of kiteboards and its accessories of all kinds.

RRD was founded in Italy by Roberto Ricci in 1995. The brand specializes primarily in windsurfing boards, kiteboards and water clothing. As a partner RRD could win the eleven-time world champion Antoine Albeau for himself.

The RRD brand is unique and this is mainly due to the founder. Because there is hardly a product of the company that the designer has not tested himself. Only when he has found it to be good, then the product may also bear his name and be sold in stores. Here it is also irrelevant whether it is kite boards, windsurf boards or clothing. So RRD only sells products that work well, because they are mature.

Especially with the Firemoove, a milestone was created in the freeride scene. Although the shape of the board was invented by Starboard, it was only really implemented by Ricci and thus a new class of kiteboards was brought to life. The basic idea behind Robert Ricci's designs is above all to combine the Havaiian roots of manufacturing with Italian craftsmanship.

The founder of the RRD brand, Roberto Ricci, was like you. His money was just enough for the material for surfing, his great passion, and for a meal of spaghetti a day before his success with RRD. Ricci worked in Italy in his native Tuscany first as a lifeguard and then took a job as a salesman in a surf store. These jobs saved him a ticket to Hawaii in 1984, where he was able to continue pursuing his great passion.

Since he had a lot of talent especially in racing, after a short time he belonged to Team Italia at the end of the 80's and participated in the World Cup. Jimmy Lewis took care of him and taught him how to shaper. That's how his shaping career began and everything else took its course.