Brand Information


Airush has a history that goes back to the beginning of kitesurfing. The kites from Airush are of a quality you can expect from the kitesurfing brand that has been in kitesurfing for so long.

Airush offers a wide range of kitesurfing kites, for everyone and for every kitesurfing style. As a beginner you can take the Airush Lithium. But once you have passed this level, you can choose the challenging Airush Union to practice your first freestyle tricks or pull kiteloops. For the kitesurfers who have made the waves their playground, Airush has developed the Wave. The perfect kite with the perfect characteristics to play between the waves all day long. Are you super excited and want to get the maximum pop and thickest pull out of your kiteloops as soon as possible? Then you have to take the Airush Razor. The current trend in foils can infect anyone. You can ride almost without wind. But of course you have to have a nice light weather kite for that. The Airush Ultra is without a doubt the best of these kites with only one strut for endless foil sessions. In the following all Airush kites are briefly described and divided according to riding style and kitesurfing level.

Since 2000, Airush has been producing fantastic kites that allow you to kitesurf in all conditions. The kites are designed and tested in the kitesurfing mecca of the world, Cape Town. Airush is an innovation driven kitesurfing brand and has developed ideas in the past that have changed the kitesurfing material and sport forever. Airush has the perfect kite for every level and style. Choose the Airush Razor if you want to kiteloop and freestyle. The Airush Wave turns the waves into your personal playground. Just started kitesurfing? The Airush Lithium is one of the best kites to learn easily. For the windless days and with theFoil, Airush has developed the best kite for beginners, the Ultra.