F-One Bullit 2021 Big Air Machine Review

fone bullit test 2021

Model Bullit V1 by F-One Year 2021 Shape Hybrid-Kite Riding Type Freeride, Freestyle Riding Skill Intermediate – Expert Available sizes 10,9,8 m² The F-One Bullit is the ultimate storm kite from F-One for adrenaline junkies. Big airs and kiteloops are what the F-One Bullit does best. The Bullit is Liam Whaley’s secret weapon for KOTA. Review of … Read more

F-One Trax 2020 Kiteboard Review

F-One Trax Blue

Model Trax HRD LT by F-One Year 2020 Riding Type Allround Available sizes 135 x 39 cm 136 x 40,5 cm 137 x 42 cm 140 x 45 cm The product name could almost pass for a private label: The Trax is an institution at F-One. For years it has taken the role as a link between … Read more

F-One Bandit 2020 Freeride Kite Review

F one bandit

Model Bandit by F-One Year 2019 Shape C-Kite Riding Type Freeride Riding Skill Beginner – Intermediate Available sizes 17,14,12,11,10,9,8,7 m² The new Bandit 2020 covers the freeride freestyle big air segment. The Bandit’s canopy, profile and bridles have been reworked for this purpose. The 2020’s more angular cut tips immediately catch the eye compared to its predecessor. … Read more

F-One Shadow 2020 Kiteboard Review

F One Shadow 2020

Model Shadow by F-One Year 2020 Riding Type Wave Available sizes 5’4 5’6 F-One brings with the new Shadow a thoroughbred, highly agile specialist for small to big waves. Why does F-One add another board to the Directional Range when there is already an all-rounder like the Mitu available in various designs? The answer from F-One boss … Read more