Brand Information


F-One is a kitesurfing brand from France, which has been established since the beginning of kitesurfing. F-one produces kites, kiteboards, bars, surfboards and kitesurf foils. F-One is the inventor of the Delta-Shape kite with the still iconic F-One Bandit kite. The Bandit proves itself every year and is a popular kite on every kite spot. In 2006 F-one introduced the Twintip Kiteboard F-One Trax. In the meantime, years later, the Trax is still one of the most popular kite boards on the market. World class riders like Liam Whahaley show that you are on the world level with the equipment from F-One.

For the history of F-One we have to go back in time. Like many other brands, F-One kitesurfing was developed because an older professional windsurfer recognized opportunities in kitesurfing. It all started in 1976 when the French founder of F-One, Raphaël Salles, started windsurfing. Soon Raphaël became one of the best French windsurfers and took part in the Pro Windsurf Tour for the first time in 1981. At that time, he sailed with F-1 (France-1) in his windsurf sail, possibly hence the later name for the kitesurfing brand F-one. After years of professional windsurfing competitions, Salles abandoned his professional windsurfing career in 1994 and decided to create a company for the development and distribution of windsurfing boards. This is the birth of F-One and finally of F-One Kiteboarding.

F-One kitesurfing is all about the experience for everyone. A culture, as F-One calls it. The philosophy of F-One kitesurfing is as follows: From freestyle kitesurfing to foil kitesurfing, man or woman, from beginner to experienced kitesurfer, from young or experienced kitesurfer, specialized or allround, for recreational and professional kitesurfers, kitesurfers and SUPers. Whatever you ride, whoever you are, we share the same passion and emotion for our water sports. This is the philosophy and the idea with which F-one has developed everyday kites and kiteboards for everyone. In recent years, kitesurfing products such as the F-one Bandit and the WTF kite, the F-one Trax Kiteboard and other kitesurfing accessories have been created for kitesurfers of all levels and all riding styles.