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March 17, 2021


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Bullit 2021: The new Big Air and Kiteloop machine from F-One for real adrenaline junkies!

The F-One Bullit is the ultimate storm kite from F-One for adrenaline junkies. Big airs and kiteloops are what the F-One Bullit does best. The Bullit is Liam Whaley's secret weapon for KOTA.


Review of the F-One Bullit

The Bullit from F-One is supposed to be a mixture of WTF?! and Bandit and was developed by the French specifically for the needs of big air and megaloop specialists.

The kite is primarily tailored to strong winds and will only be offered in sizes 8, 9 and 10. Conversely, this means that a good low-end does not play a role for the Bullit. Otherwise, the three-strutter reminds of the shape of the Bandit a little, but the profile is very different, in addition, the Bullit is equipped with edgier and wider tips and a higher stretch of the cap for more power. According to F-One, designer Robert Graham is said to have paid particular attention to the Bullits's controllability, bar feel especially when jumping, hangtime and turning characteristics in kiteloops. Especially in megaloops, the Bullit should fly deeper through the wind window and produce more lateral offset than the Bandit, releasing the pull evenly throughout the loop.

Before you can go on a big air mission and pull megaloops, you obviously need enough control and confidence. If you then want to shoot yourself as high as possible, you will quickly exceed your previous limits with the Bullit. The F-One Bullit is designed to be the ideal kite to fly when you're overpowered, because you don't need to be chasing records in 15 knots of wind. From the beginning to the end of your jump, you get very good feedback through the bar. The Bullit is so perfectly balanced that you can always send it exactly where you want the Bullit to go in the wind window.


Performance on the water

The Bullit was equipped by F-One with sufficient hangtime. Of course, the kite does not offer as much hangtime as a 5-strut kite, but on these kites you do not pull megaloops. If you are just starting with kiteloops, you can also pull normal loops with the Bullit to get used to it. The Bullit also pulls through classic kiteloops very quickly and smoothly and catches you again in time. The Bullit turns so fast and rises so quickly that the kite is also suitable for kiteloop beginners. However, since it is well known that you can't win the KOTA with simple kiteloops, the F-One Bullit has a lot more performance in store for you. With the F-One Bullit, you'll be pulling deep and big loops on demand. With the F-One Bullit you will quickly gain the confidence in yourself and your kite to try your first real megaloops.

The F-one Bullit has a hybrid C-shape and at first glance looks very similar to the Bandit. However, the Bullit is much more radical and much closer to a real C-kite. The Bullit feels faster and more aggressive. The three struts keep the F-One Bullit light, but give the profile enough stiffness to withstand the toughest storms. The canopy is made of strong Technoforce Double Ripstop.

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