Liquid Force

Brand Information


Liquid Force as a company embodies the original spirit of wakeboarding. The people behind the company are true pioneers in a sport that is constantly reinventing itself. The two founders of Liquid Force, Tony Finn and shaping guru Jimmy Redmond, have been living and loving the wakeboarding lifestyle for 20 years. During this time they have been responsible as a team for most of the innovations and breakthroughs in the development of wakeboards and bindings. Recently, Liquid Force introduced the first wakeboard boots (for example, the Liquid Force Watson binding) with an air cushion footbed for even greater flexibility when pressing on fruitales and absorption on landings. Many people don't know that Liquid Force was instrumental in the development of the first hybrid boards. Liquid Force Hybrid Wakeboards enable gandiose obstacle riding by using different flexible materials (hybrid construction) in the "hull shape" production. There are few other companies that produce boards with such a complete allround charackter like Liquid Force.

As in previous years, Liquid Force comes back with a range of new innovations in board and binding technology developed through feedback from team riders. This world class team includes the exceptional German talents Nicko von Lerchenfeld and Felix Georgy. Should you have the opportunity to meet one of them: Unstrap the board, find a good seat, watch carefully, marvel and learn!