Core Choice 4 2024 Kiteboard Review

Choice 4 by 
Year 2020
Riding Type
Available sizes
133 x 40 cm
135 x 41 cm
137 x 41,5 cm
139 x 42 cm
141 x 42,5 cm
144 x 43,5 cm

Besides the Nexus 2, the Choice is probably our most used product from Core Kiteboarding. As a sporty freerider it has become one of our absolute favorites over the last few years.

No matter if you’re in flat water or waves, if you’re freestyle or big air – the Choice is always a loyal companion. Now the board for the meanwhile fourth version has been significantly reworked – especially in the underwater world. Whether the Choice has nevertheless still remained true to its line and how the changes affect it – in this test!

The most important facts about Core Choice 4 in a short description

The Choice 4 comes to your home for 949€ including grabhandle and fins. You can choose between sizes from 133cm – 144cm. The board still impresses with its full carbon construction and the attached visible carbon. In contrast to its predecessor, the board now has new, reworked channels to stiffen the tips and increase the restoring force.

Additionally the edge has been reworked and now offers a wide “tucked under the edge”. This provides a smoother ride feeling, especially in choppy water. The new long tapered bevels stiffen the board additionally in longitudinal direction and should offer more pop than before. Especially for people who like to ride with boats, these innovations should offer great advantages.

The performance of Choice 4

The new bevels and channels give the Choice a more aggressive design than its predecessor. You will feel right at home on the water. The Choice runs fast and free as usual. Splash water is still not an issue. It feels a little harder and therefore gets down on your knees a little more than the Choice 3, but in contrast it is much quieter.

The nervousness has been taken out of the board. The combination also makes for a slightly better upwind run – especially in choppy water! The Choice has always been at the top of the list here, but the four of a kind has taken another step forward.

Especially interesting for us was the jump. The bevels in combination with the channels should give here once again much more restoring forces – and indeed – the pop is much more explosive than before and above all the pressure over the edge can be built up and held extremely well.

In contrast to the predecessor it can even be an advantage to dial one number smaller here. Unless you are travelling with boots – then we can only warmly recommend the 144 (with the appropriate weight & skills). Here you will find a real wakestyle plank with an unbelievable good pop and super safe landings.


In summary, the Choice 4 has become a number one tougher and sportier. The longitudinal stiffening does indeed provide correspondingly improved bounce characteristics and the new edge provides a softer riding feel. The Choice 4 is thus getting closer and closer to a Duotone Jaime Textreme. A fast freestyler with incredible comfort. For us a clear improvement on its already very good predecessor.

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