Reedin Kev Pro 2024 Kiteboard Review

Kev Pro by 
Year 2020
Riding Type
Available sizes
133 x 40 cm
136 x 41.5cm

As the name of Reedin’s first Twintip board promises, the KevPro board is optimized to catapult you higher and lighter into the air and thanks to an excellent grip, land stable, smooth and controlled. The bottom of the board is designed with triple channels to give you more grip in the tip area. While this gives you more grip on the back leg, the water can flow freely in the middle area, allowing you to reach high speeds.


The core of the board is made of Paulownia wood – one of the most efficient and popular woods among board makers when it comes to stability, weight and sustainability. The stability and flex load capacity is created by a double carbon layer.

A mixture of bi-axial and tri-axial fiberglass layers absorbs the shocks and provides a softer feedback. The recess close to the boarding board (rail) makes it easier to grip the board and optimize your board off skills.

The KevPro is produced in Poland in two sizes: 133×40 & 136×41.5cm. Kevin Langeree rides the smaller board with his 1.75 meters & 75 kg. Equipped with the right Super Binding you will experience a super comfortable kite session with the KevPro.

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