Reedin Supermodel 2024 Hybrid Kite Review

Supermodel by 
Year 2020
Riding Type
Freeride, Freestyle
Riding Skill
Beginner – Intermediate
Available sizes

Together with designer Damien Girardin, Kevin Langeree has launched his own brand: Reedin. In several kevlogs, Kevin showed what is possible with his new signature kite – the Supermodel. Kiteloops, Wave, Foil and much more.

A few hard facts about Reedin Supermodel

The supermodel is available in sizes from 6 sqm to 14 sqm. With 1149€ – 1649€ it places itself in the middle of the price range. Besides the kite, the bag & a short manual, an adapter for the big inlet & outlet valve is included. We only know this from Liquid Force.

The kites are well made – all seams are straight and do not fray. All critical areas are overlapped with Dacron or secured with doubled cloth. The flying cloth is a doubleripstop. The steering lines are directly attached – the Frontbridles have a gliding eyelet – this should be much more durable than the classic Pulley.

Performance on the water

Conspicuously direct during assembly: The wing is super light. This impression is directly continued during take-off. The glider is super balanced on the front- & backlines. The holding forces are in the lower middle range, the steering forces are light.

The glider really has no downward tendency. The low end on the foil is in the middle range – sinus curves do not generate much additional pressure. The low end on the TwinTip is comparatively very good – running the glider is the motto here. From 15knt on the glider will start with a flat freerider like the Jaime (75kg rider). The relaunch is super light all the time – pull a steering line – wait – and off you go.

But what really surprised us is the behaviour in and especially after kiteloops. Normally – especially heavy riders – are used to a strong fluttering in the ascent phase of a triplet. This is due to the lack of line tension on the backlines when the kite comes up. Not so the supermodel.

The canopy and cloth are extremely stable in every situation. Also the kiteloops are comparatively extremely round and above all perfectly adjustable. From small loops to extreme boardoff megaloops, everything can be learned safely and controllably. According to our first experiences, the jumping characteristics are in the upper midfield. Only the freeride high performers aka Orbit & XR6 are able to top this – with clear disadvantages in other areas.


The supermodel presents herself as a super performant freerider who stands for safety, comfort and performance. A few years ago we already put forward the thesis that it will go in exactly this direction. 3-Strutter with lots of comfort and performance in every facet of kitesurfing. We are looking forward to the next session in real storm and in the wave.

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