Slingshot Vision 2024

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135 x 41
138 x 42
140 x 43,3


Equipped with a rocker line that falls between those of the Asylum and Misfit models, Slingshot places the Vision as an aggressive crossover board. A hull construction trimmed for maximum jumping performance is part of the good tone here.

To ensure that the handling is not too loose due to the progressive bottom curve, there are 50 millimeter fins on the bottom side, which guarantee guidance throughout. In addition, the Vision has the so-called Naca Tech Channels, an extremely elaborate underbody construction.

The channel structure, which channels the water flow from the middle section to the tips, is brought into the fuselage with a precision laser derived from aeronautical engineering. Rail systems in the deck are a thing of the past, Slingshot has taken the path back to laminated inserts and away from the Fastrack system.

Now the so-called Carbon Bedrock Inserts are used. As the name suggests, the plate to which the inserts are attached is made of carbon and is characterized not only by the best possible flexibility but also by a weight of only a few grams. The Americans have not changed the balanced shape for 2019, but the competitive athlete has of course been given a fresh, striking look.

That the paradediscipline of the vision is freestyle is beyond question in view of the enormous performance portfolio in this area.


The performance of the Slingshot Vision

Due to the intensive continuous rocker, the Vision is one of the more curved boards in this segment and therefore requires a corresponding kite pull to achieve the free planing position. It then picks up speed and reaches a top speed in the upper midfield.

Due to the chosen bottom curve, the kite runs very smoothly even on uneven water surfaces. The fins’ continuous guidance harmonizes well with the rocker and does not restrict the Vision in its agility. It can be turned absolutely free with little resistance, even fast edge changes are no problem. In turns, the board shows absolute directional stability and takes even tight radii with maximum control.

Jumps are absolutely easy. Even less experienced kiters will have no problem charging the tip to the final take-off, which is mainly due to the large fins. However, to experience the full spectrum of good recovery and thus the maximum popping with unhooked jumps, a powerful riding style is required. Whether riding with boots or loops, landings are absolutely comfortable, even corrections of the board position are possible without cutting.



The fact that the paradediscipline of the vision is freestyle is beyond question in view of the enormous performance portfolio in this area. However, the combination of the intensely curved bottom curve with 50-millimeter fins and good guidance over the edge makes handling much easier than is generally the case with specialists in this genre. Not a good choice for beginners, but already an absolute bull’s eye for intermediates with a desire for sporty top performance up to experts.

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