North Kiteboarding introduces new allround kite

With the brand new Reach, North Kiteboarding adds the fourth model to the still young kite range. The versatile all-rounder complements the portfolio with Orbit, Pulse and Carve and is supposed to convince with an extremely wide range of use and easy handling.

Which kite would you take with you to a desert island?

North Kiteboarding claims to have found the answer with the Reach and promises the “best and most versatile kite” that designer legend Pat Goodman has ever built. It should offer the best possible combination of characteristics for all disciplines without being a specialist kite. North wants to appeal to freeriders, freestylers, wave kiters and foilers alike. Especially for kiters who prefer a smaller quiver, the Reach could become interesting.

North designer Pat Goodman wants the Reach to be both powerful and versatile. The newcomer is to combine a piece of the DNA of each of the existing North models Orbit, Pulse and Carve into a new overall concept. In this way, he positions himself exactly in the middle of the North range. Due to the less open cap radius, it should turn faster and tighter than the Orbit.

The profile is designed slightly more powerful, so that the one in the low end develops noticeably more power and can therefore also be flown in smaller sizes. In the larger sizes (13 and 15 square meters) the Reach is a powerful light wind kite,” explains Goodman. It also produces better upwind performance as well as jump heights and more hangtime compared to the wave kite Carve. But the drift is somewhat reduced. In addition, the new North Drei-Struter is equipped with low bar forces and a fast and reactive steering.

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