Kite Glossary: Board Leash

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The boardleash is a safety line that secures the board to the kitesurfer to prevent the board from getting lost and floating away.
The boardleash is rarely used, however, as it greatly increases the risk of accidents. If you use a boardleash, you should wear an impact protection vest and helmet, as the board can be thrown back. For this reason, it is usually not recommended to use a boardleash when kitesurfing.

There are two common methods on the kite market to avoid losing the kite in the water. These are the Board Leash with a flexible rope and the Roll Leash, whose rope unrolls when falling. Both types of leash are attached to the kite harness and board. With the simple board leash, there is a risk that the flexible line (leash) is stretched very tight and then the kite board with its sharp edges and fins is bobbed towards the kiter.

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