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Duotone launches a gamechanger with the D-LAB Series

August 19, 2021

The Duotone Laboratory, D-Lab for short, is the department at Duotone that explicitly focuses on the kites of tomorrow. Here they work on new innovations and ideas that think outside the box to develop high-performance kite material for you. The result is the D-Lab Foil and the D-Lab Board, the lightest light wind kite currently available on the market - the Juice D-Lab.

Duotone LAB

The Juice is available in two different sizes: 13m and 15m. It is made of the so far unique Aluula material. This is an extremely lightweight composite material that weighs 80g/m² and also proves to be extremely tear and stretch resistant.

If we consider only the processed composite materials, the Goldkites weigh the equivalent of 1.04kg and 1.2kg - hardly more than a liter bottle of water. So, in total, the total weight is saved around 30%. Duotone states that both kites already fly at an incredible 4kn.

The Aluula material used in the Juice D-Lab comes from a cooperation with Ocean Rodeo and is a composite material that is still little produced. Its potential is far from exhausted. That is why the Juice will be produced in small numbers for the time being and is not only at the top of the kite performance, but also at the top of the price segment.

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