Kiters Inn wishes Merry Christmas 2023

Kiters Inn wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Behind us lies a very difficult year, we hope you survive this difficult time and focus next year again on the beautiful side of life – namely on the water 🙂

As a little highlight for the end of the year we would like to show you our top 3 kites and kiteboards. The order was measured by the views, so you decided.

Place Kite Kiteboard
1. Core Nexus 2 Core Choice 4
2. Duotone Rebel Duotone Jaime
3. Cabrinha Switchblade Reedin Kev Pro

Latest Kiting News

1. Take a look at the new F-One Kite Movie: LIBECCIO

The kite manufacturer F-One is known for very good video footage. Also this year the French convince with an outstanding video.

2. Trapeze Revolution by Ride Engine

They invented the hardshell harness, established it and changed the sport of kiting forever. Now the next highlight follows. Ride Engine heralds a new comfort era in the harness segment with the Unity Direct Connection System and at the same time expands the product range with a soft shell and a seat harness. We have already taken a closer look at the new harnesses and the Unity Direct Connection system and will show in the next issue what makes this system so unique.

3. King Of The Air Postponed

Probably the biggest kite tournament, the Red Bull King of the Air was postponed due to the Corona situation in South Africa.

4. Core Introduce Their First Foil Kite Board – The Core SLC Foil


One of the largest manufacturers in the kite market Core have introduced yesterday their first own kite foil board. It was only a matter of time until Core will expand their product portfolio also in the foil boards – so now it has happened, Core introduces the SLC Foil.


Who knows the products of Core, who knows about the high quality standards of the German kite manufactory. Also with the Core SLC Foilboard the best materials were used and an excellent design was created. The Core SLC is offered in a Ready to Fly Set. This includes board, mast and wing. We have listed the respective available sizes below.


  • 115cm
  • 125cm
  • 135cm


  • 71cm
  • 92cm


  • 1000cm²
  • 1250cm²

The Core SLS is made only of carbon and aluminum. The mast is made entirely of aluminum and the wing is made of carbon. In design, Core remains true to itself, also their first foil is kept in the classic colors of black and white.


The Core SLC Ready To Fly Set costs 2599,00 € in the official Core Store, there you will also find more information about the Foil Board.

We hope to welcome you as our readers next year as well. Until then, stay healthy and have a great Christmas!

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