Duotone Mono 2024 Foil Kite Review

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Year 2024
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Beginner – Intermediate
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Duotone releases a real foil specialist with the Mono 2024

The Duotone Mono has not only been given a new design in 2024, but further improvements to the material. This year Duotones uses lightweight 140g Dacron material, alongside a double rip stop canopy material and redesigned construction details for a maximum saving of weight.

Test & Review of the Duotone Mono 2024

For a kite with only one strut, the Mono shows a pleasingly stable flight pattern. In the normal wind range, it is full and stable in the air. The flutter is kept within manageable limits. Only far depowered with more wind you can see and hear more wrinkling in the canopy, then the profile collapses a bit. One-strut constructions are limited in this area. The Mono is pleasantly good-natured in terms of stalls. Backstalls are not to be elicited from it at all.

Overall, the frame seems relatively stiff and solid. The Duotone Mono doesn’t wobble like some other one-strutters and almost feels like a kite with more cross struts.

Performance on the water

The Mono feels a bit softer tuned on the bar and offers a comfortable, slightly damped feedback. If you’re not expecting a super-core kite on the bar, you’ll get along with the Mono right away. The feedback is decent at all times.

In the normal wind range, the Mono feels full and calm in the hand and feels like a good-natured freerider without an overly big thump. Only in noticeably too much wind does it get a bit rougher.

The turning radii turn out round, harmonious, but not very tight despite the round-cut canopy. You have to turn the bar fully in the Mono to fly really tight radii.

Flight and turning speed also seem a bit more leisurely than with the more agile Boxer, Solo and OS. On the other hand, it behaves very good-naturedly in the control. This also appeals to beginners. You can’t really do much wrong, the kite always flies well forward, can hardly be slowed down and does not stutter.

The Mono develops sufficient basic traction early on and without large sine curves to lift the kiter onto the board and accelerate. The depower works linear and efficient. Gusts can be dampened well by pushing the bar away.

The kite flutters, but does not develop an uncontrollable life of its own and can still be steered well even when far depowered. Despite its somewhat lower stance in the wind window, upwind riding is easy and very good on the twin tip as well as on the foil. The relaunch succeeds in the normal wind range quickly and without much technical skill by pulling a steering line or by reverse launch.

Foiling with the Duotone Mono

Of course, the Mono also benefits from its well-balanced and good-natured flight behavior on the foil. Especially foil beginners appreciate this. You don’t have to concentrate on the glider, it does exactly what it is supposed to.

The power development is nicely harmonious, very good dosing via the bar and already in the lower wind range even heavier foilers come easily on the board. For gybes, tacks and foot changes, the Mono provides enough lift and stability.

In addition, it scores with its good feedback and controllability when changing direction. The drift characteristics when riding downwind are a positive feature. If you step on the gas, you can even reach surprisingly fast speeds with the otherwise comfortable Mono.

Summary of the Mono Review

Basically, this kite can be described as an all-rounder, which can also win over beginners. However, its strengths lie particularly in the light wind range. Here it makes some light wind kites look old. His full performance he shows on the foil!

Here it is so good that one can even speak of a special kite designed for foiling. Compared to its predecessor, both light wind and strong wind characteristics have been improved. The flutter of the cloth has been reduced. The development focus of this kite is light wind/foiling. A complete success, the kite flies already in the smallest wind breeze and also the relaunch works very easily.

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