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TOP 5 Beginner Kites (2021 Edition)

February 17, 2021

Especially kite beginners who are looking for a beginner kite, ask the question: Which kites are suitable for beginners? To help you decide, we present our TOP 5 of the best beginner kites.

What makes a good beginner kite?

There are now many very good kite manufacturers, which makes the market a bit confusing. In this article we present our TOP 5 selection, of course there are many other good beginner kites, even if they are not in our overview. If you have a question about a specific kite, take a look at our previous kite reviews or write us a comment. 🙂

The beginner kites featured in this blog post are all freeride kites. As a rule, these kites are best suited to learn the kite basics. Freeride kites have a simple relaunch and are easy to control. So perfect characteristics for a beginner kite.

If you want more info on this, I can recommend our post: 5 Things to take care of when buying a beginner kite.

TOP 5 Beginner Kites

Every major kite manufacturer now has a beginner-friendly kite in their product portfolio. These usually differ only slightly, especially for kite beginners the differences seem marginal. We recommend every kite beginner to buy used kite material first.

(1) Cabrinha Switchblade

TOP 5 Beginner Kites (2021 Edition)
Cabrinha Switchblade

The Cabrinha Switchblade is used by many kite schools worldwide as a school kite. The reason for this is the uncompromised flight characteristics and the good workmanship - The Switchblade can withstand some crash landings.

The Switchblade is a very common kite, you will also find some models on the second hand market.

(2) Core Nexus / Free

TOP 5 Beginner Kites (2021 Edition)
Core Nexus

German kite manufacturer Core has such a good reputation in the kite industry for a reason. The quality of the kites is very good. Core also offers a beginner-friendly kite: The Core Nexus ( previously Core Free).

Also here the Nexus convinces with an easy relaunch and stable flight characteristics.

(3) Duotone Evo

TOP 5 Beginner Kites (2021 Edition)
Duotone Evo

Duotone is an other Big Player on the Kite Market. Of course, there is also a beginner-friendly kite in the range. The Duotone Evo is an easy-to-use all-rounder. Beginners should find their way intuitively and benefit from its "good nature".

The usable wind range is enormous. In addition, the kite has a pronounced sheet-and-go behavior.

(4) Ozone Edge

TOP 5 Beginner Kites (2021 Edition)
Ozone Edge

The Ozone Edge is also recommended as a good beginner kite. Especially the slightly lower price range makes the kite attractive. In addition, a super easy handling and as the name suggests, good freeride properties.

The Ozone Edge has been around for many years, so there is a good chance to find an older model on the used market.

(5) Liquid Force P1

TOP 5 Beginner Kites (2021 Edition)
Liquid Force P1

The Liquid Force P1 is a real insider tip for kite beginners who absolutely want to buy a new kite. The P1 is already available for around 600 euros and offers everything the beginner kite heart desires.

Unfortunately Liquid Force has stopped the production of their kites in 2020, but you can still find remaining stocks in various stores.


Of course, there are many more beginner kites. Feel free to comment on which was your first kite or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We would also like to recommend our Kite Finder to you. Here you can answer a few questions and we will show you the kites that are right for you.

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3 years ago

Clearly you have not ridden all these kites ????????

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