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April 8, 2021


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With the Supermodel V2, Reedin takes her firstborn to a new level

The still very young kite manufacturer Reedin has been working diligently on their next version of the Supermodel. Just last year they launched their first kite, the Reedin Supermodel. Already the first version could convince. We show you what improvements the Supermodel V2 brings with it.

KOTA winner Kevin Langeree and head designer Damien Girardin were faced with the difficult task of further improving an already very good kite. Damien describes the Supermodel V2 as follows:

'The SuperModel is really a kite that reflects the real essence of kiting in my eyes: have as much fun as possible when we go out kiting no matter the conditions, being, gusty or steady, flat or choppy, waves or kickers, light or strong.'


Supermodel V2 improvements

First of all, if you are interested in general information about Reedin Supermodel, take a look at our review of Reedin Supermodel V1.

In general, the goal was to make the supermodel faster and more stable. For this purpose, the seam of the leading edge was moved. This made the leading edge significantly stiffer, which in turn provides more stability. In addition, the leading edge was made somewhat thinner, which reduced the weight. All in all, the changes in the leading edge make for a faster, lighter and more stable kite.

The second major change is the addition of so-called wingtip tensioners. These ensure that the cloth is more tensioned at the tips. This generally improves the flutter of the canopy. The kite feels better balanced, offers a better low-end and makes kite loops easier. If you want to see kite loops with the Supermodel V2 in action, I recommend the following video.

Furthermore, the second version of the supermodel receives an improvement of the bridle balance for different sizes. This makes every size of Supermodel V2 feel about the same. The goal was to not feel a big difference while riding between a 9 or 12 kite. Of course, there were also changes in the design.


Click on the images for a larger view.


The Supermodel V2 is available in three different colors. Besides the light model shown above, there are two slightly darker alternatives. We especially like the bright version with the black and red accents. For us so far the most beautiful kite 2021 and also a nice increase to the first version. If you can not decide on a color, will take a look at the following product video. Here all colors are flown side by side.

In summary, if you are looking for a real high-performance all-rounder, then you can safely go for the Reedin Supermodel V2. Whether as a beginner or advanced driver, the improvements of the Supermodel provide enormous riding comfort through an excellent stability in the air and progressive steering behavior.


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Awesome Kite!

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